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Got questions? You're in luck, because we have answers. Below, the most popular customer questions!

What is your sizing like?

My items are generous in size as it's important for me to try and be as size inclusive as possible. I've made a special size guide to help break down all the sizes and help guide you to the best fit for each item.

Do you accept returns?

As all my items are made on demand, I don't accept refunds, however in the event I have made a mistake ( which does happen from time to time ) I'm always happy to figure out a resolution where we're both as happy as possible :)

Where do you ship to?

I ship worldwide! You can get my items everywhere in the world :)

Can you make me a custom item?

I sure can! Please visit my contact me page or pop me a message on Instagram and we can start talking about making your design come to life!

My item arrived broken/damaged? Who should I contact?

I'm so sorry to hear about this! I always ensure I've packed up your items with care. Please get in touch with me via my contact me page and please include your name, order number or post code and let me know in detail what the issue was so we can get this resolved for you!

Where can I leave feedback?

Feedback is very important to me as it allows me to continue to grow my business and make changes that will keep my customers happy. Please feel free to use my Contact me page to message me with any feedback you may have. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

Question not here?

If what you wanted to ask wasn't here, then please pop me a message via my Contact me page so I can help assist you as well as get your question added here ! :)